Small dogs aren't usually found at Roice-Hurst Humane Society but if you're quick, you will find a few today.

58 small breed dogs were rescued from being euthanized in Phoenix and brought to the Grand Valley, saving their lives and no doubt bringing joy to 58 new families in and around Grand Junction.

Making sure they are all healthy, the animals will be spayed or neutered and made available for adoption.

Some of the breeds you will find are Jack Russel terriers mixes, Yorkie mixes, and other small sized dogs. The sad part about this is because of the overwhelming number of dogs in shelters in Phoenix, these dogs, and more like they would have been euthanized.

Now they can be welcomed into homes here in the Grand Valley and bring joy to more families.

Roice-Hurst Humane Society's hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11-4pm and Sunday from 11-3. They are closed Mondays.

Source: KJCT News8

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