Some Denver Broncos fans have had enough of Phil Simms and have started a petition to have him banned from future broadcasts. Whoa, these fans take their football seriously! For many years, I've considered Phil Simms to be one of the best color commentators on television. He's knowledgable, articulate, and seems like a likeable fellow. I tend to believe that sportscasters don't intend to be biased for or against a particular team, but, I've watched enough sports to know that there are times when it comes across that way. It seems to be worse when your team is losing. So, while I've always been a supporter of Phil Simms, I have to confess that on more than one occasion during Sunday's game against the Chiefs I found myself saying out loud, "Shut, up, Phi."

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

The People of Denver have begun a petition drive to have Simms banned from Broncos broadcasts. They believe he is biased against the Broncos, and is constantly expressing negativity about them.
Of course, CBS will rightfully ignore the petition and continue to put the #1 team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on Denver games whenever it happens to be the featured Sunday afternoon game. (which happens alot). But, if you'd like so sign the petition, feel free to do it here.

However, more importantly, maybe Phil Simms will get the message and will be more aware of how his comments are being perceived by viewers. When you are on a national broadcast, viewers and listeners expect the announcers to be completely unbiased and balanced in their descriptions and comments. It is a reasonable expectation.

No, I don't believe Simms is biased, nor do I think he should be banned from Broncos broadcasts. But, I do think that I shouldn't be getting several reasons during the course of a game to say "Shut up, Phil."  Are you listening, Phil? Phil?