The city of Grand Junction is investigating the possibility of putting up at $62 million dollar sports arena.

A feasibility study was presented at a public meeting on Wednesday revealing Grand Junction could support a 5,000-seat arena to potentially host a minor league hockey team, and serve as a venue for big name acts that may be traveling between Salt Lake City and Denver.

According to the study, posted on the city's website, the facility should be located in the downtown area, or an area "friendly to  foot traffic", and if the arena is, in fact, constructed downtown, it  should be accompanied by a renovated convention center.

The study shows a potential location for such a facility south of Two Rivers Convention Center on 2nd street in a spot currently occupied by Mesa Pawn and Loan.

At this point, the city council is not taking any sort of action, but simply investigating the possibility of building the arena, exploring funding options, and evaluating the pros and cons.

What do the people of Grand Junction and Mesa County say about the idea of a new sports arena? Take the poll below and let us know how you feel.



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