It may sound ludicrous, but should Grand Junction ban people from sitting or lying on city sidewalks?

I had never thought about such a thing until I read the story in the Denver Post about a proposal in Longmont that would ban sitting or lying on certain sidewalks and steps.

The proposal seems to target homeless people, according to opponents. In Longmont, the ordinance, if approved by the city council, would prohibit anyone from sitting or lying on a sidewalk near or adjacent to specific areas such as the library and the civic center.

Obviously, Grand Junction has a large homeless population, but is sidewalk-sitting a problem in this community? Have you seen anyone lying on the sidewalk outside of a business or city building? Personally, I have not. Perhaps others have noticed a problem, and if that's the case we welcome your thoughts and comments.

Apparently, some folks in Longmont saw a problem in their community and are trying to solve it. It is also apparent that not everyone there sees things the same way. The same may be true in Grand Junction.

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