The Grand Junction homeless shelter is a comfort to those who need a warm place to sleep and a hot meal, but is that all it is?

The answer is no.

While Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley does offer those things, it is so much more than a roof and a meal. Stop to consider how a family of four might feel not having a place to sleep. Many are embarrassed and some even may forego shelter because of it, but the fine people there do their best to make you feel comfortable and safe.

It presents those of us in the community with a giving heart the chance to help by volunteering in a number of different positions like preparing meals, janitorial assistance or even reading to children. Just knowing you are able to help and make an impact is a reward in itself.

And what about those who have stayed? Are they doomed to remain in the cycle of homelessness that traps so many? Not at all.

The success stories from those who have stayed there and overcome obstacles are heartwarming in itself and give those who are currently homeless hope for the future.

All it takes sometimes is finding someone who cares. And Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley does care.

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