We were all caught off guard when this pandemic hit us a few months ago, we have made adjustments to deal with different situations as they arise. Such as trying to cater to local restaurants by allowing them to stay open for delivery or take out. No one wants to see local businesses struggle and a big help to local restaurants was allowing them to sell alcoholic beverages to-go during the pandemic. Now that we are seeing light at the end of this tunnel, should Colorado restaurants continue to be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to-go after the current order expires at the end of the month?

The news station KRDO out of Denver is saying that this questions is being discussed by our state legislators. The idea behind this is because these restaurants have been forced to lose profits, and the income doesn't come back overnight, this will be a recovery process that takes time. So, the ability to continue selling alcohol to-go could really help some small businesses. The bill being discussed would have this order stay in effect until July 1st of 2022.

There are some people that aren't so happy about this bill including employees at liquor stores who see this as a potential way to lose income in their stores which could lead to job loss. The other potential is that we could see an increase in drinking and driving accidents across our state.

This is a difficult question to answer, but with the current order set to expire at the end of this month, a decision will have to be made soon.

What do you think, should businesses be allowed to continue the sell of alcoholic beverages to-go after the order expires at the end of the month?

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