You want to buy Halloween candy, but you don't want to break the bank.

Halloween is big business. Some $2.6 billion will be spent on Halloween candy this year, and the average shopper is going to spend nearly $90. Whoa!

If you are one of those Grand Junction people who just love when trick or treaters come to your door on Halloween, you probably put more thought into the candy you buy than the average person. But, let's face it. Candy isn't cheap, and if you are expecting a large turnout on Halloween, you're going to have to lay out some seriously creepy cash.

With a little planning, a little, knowledge, and some expert advice, you can stretch your Halloween dollars. Sara Skirboll is a shopping and trend expert for Retail Me Not, and offers this advice to get the most bang for your Halloween buck.

* CHOCOLATE COSTS MORE. Not only does chocolate generally cost more than other candies, but it also tends to be the most popular among trick or treaters. So, if your budget is the number one concern, you can save money by not offering chocolate treats.

* BUY IN BULK. Sara says it's generally going to be a better deal if you buy a large bag rather than several smaller ones.

* BE PATIENT.  Many retailers will start to put Halloween decorations and candy on sale the closer we get to October 31. If you wait until the last minute - like Halloween morning- depending on the store you may enjoy some nice discounts.

* COUPONS & CASHBACK DEALS. If you are shopping online, check out RetailMeNot and for in-store shopping try the RetailMeNot app.

Oh, and here is a little unsolicited advice for those that don't want to buy candy at all. On Halloween night, keep your porch light off, and your house as dark as possible. What trick or treater in his or her right mind would approach a dark house and ask for treats?

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