This holiday, and every holiday we should always strive to spend as much as we can locally. Why? Because our friends, our family, and the livelihood of many in the community depend on it.

So let's look at five places in Downtown Grand Junction that we should definitely shop for Christmas and beyond.

For the music lover, you will most likely find what it is you're looking for right here. Classic hits, rock, hard to find titles and artists and more are all right here in Grand Junction. Who needs Amazon? Oh, and if you're into disc golf, they are your hookup!

Now you're talking! Local handcrafted gifts created by local artists for that one gift that says you really gave some thought to it this year. And they have a lot more as well. Come on down!

If you have friends and family who love toffee, and they haven't tried Enstrom's yet, we have your gift idea right here. Make someone's holiday more delicious this year by sending them some Enstrom's deliciousness. They'll talk about it for years.

Whether you have weather ready gear or whether you don't, you can be prepared for weather any storm with the weather wear you will find here at Loki. Hunters, ice fishers, or just people who love or have to be out in the cold and snow love the creations from Loki.

Shopping on Black Friday: Where in Grand Junction Will You Go?

Anything golf you can find here. The duffers on your list will bow in reverence to you at whatever you get from these guys. Real pros who know their stuff.

That's my list, share yours and let's shop local!

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