I have to admit it, my argument that soda really isn't all that bad for you has been scientifically proven wrong.

Before getting into how it happened, I have to be honest and say I'm not typically a water drinker, unless the water is included as an ingredient in what I'm drinking.

My favorite beverage is coffee. Although lately, I have been consuming more soda than I used to. That caught the attention of my wife, Brenda, who warned me of the perils of drinking too much. This, from a woman who almost always drinks more than the recommended daily amount of water.

Personally, I didn't think tossing back a two or three sodas in an afternoon was all that bad, especially when one of them was caffeine free.

But, as the video shows, there are a large number of negative effects associated with drinking sodas, even if they don't contain caffeine.

So, it's back to more coffee - also not healthy in large quantities I'm told. So, my solution for the evening was to kick back with a cold craft beer and prepare for the sad news of how that isn't a good substitute for water, either. At least it tasted good while it lasted.