Seems like people are getting their last bit of summer adventuring in! Rocky Mountain National Park saw nearly one million guests through the park in July.

In a report from the National Parks' Stats Report Viewer, Rocky Mountain saw a total of 906,817 recreation and non-recreation visitors come through. So far, in 2021, there have been a total of 2,529,386 visitors come through the park.

RMNP Stats Report Viewer
RMNP Stats Report Viewer

In July, the Beaver Meadows entrance saw the most visitor traffic, with 389,530 visitors entering through that spot. The lowest trafficked entrance is the Longs Peak entrance, which saw 30,961 visitors in the month of July.

So, if you're looking for a less traffic-heavy way to get into the park, take a look at coming through Longs Peak.

What to see when visiting Rocky Mountain National Park

If you happened to be one of the nearly million guests to come through RMNP, or are looking to visit for your first time, there are so many amazing lookouts and pull-off spots throughout the park.

According to Colorado National Park Trips, there are three scenic overlooks in the park that are the must-sees when driving through.

  1. Many Parks Curve
  2. Forest Canyon Overlook
  3. Fairview Curve

My favorite is definitely the Forest Canyon Overlook. It's not a far walk from the car, and it gives you an incredible insight into just how dauntingly huge the Park is.

From the lookout, you can see where The Big Thompson River and a glacier from millions of years ago cut through to form the canyon. On a clear day, you also get a great look at Longs Peak, Stones Peak, and Terra Tomah Mountain.

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