Are you ready to take an aerial tour of Western Colorado's Rifle Gap and Rifle Falls? Here's a look at these awesome sites from a perspective you've probably not seen before.

Special thanks to Jimmy Snowden from Western Colorado's Country and Rock band Lever Action for providing the video. Not only does Jimmy have a drone, he knows how to pilot the thing.

Rifle Falls can be found just 73 miles northeast of Grand Junction, Colorado. The drive alone is worth making the trip.

Rifle Falls State Park offers picnicking areas near the falls, and limestone caves for the spelunkers out there. Looking for the perfect site to host your wedding? Take a look at the video at the top and try to imagine a more ideal location.

Rifle Falls State Park is home to 13 drive-in and seven walk-in campsites. As you can see from the videos, this should be your next getaway destination.

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