We knew it was just a matter of time, and now it's becoming a reality - Colorado's first marijuana drive-through will hit the western slope later this year.

The drive-through pot will be available in Parachute at the Tumbleweed pot shop across from its current location in a former car wash.

According to the Post-Independent, the town gave its approval for the drive-through to a business that will be called Tumbleweed Express.

There are three primary rules that must be followed by the new drive-through.

  • No one under 21 is permitted on the premises, even if they are in the back seat of the car
  • There must be security and surveillance
  • No marijuana can be visible from outside the store

The town of Parachute has already seen tremendous benefit in tax dollars from the sale of recreational pot, and with increased convenience, that benefit is likely to go up.

The arrival of the marijuana drive-through makes us wonder how long it will be until pot shops across the state begin offering drive-through services.

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