It seems inconceivable, but it is possible that future visitors will have to have a reservation if they want to make the trek up to Hanging Lake.

The Hanging Lake Trail in Glenwood Canyon has grown in popularity in recent years, and parking has become an increasingly large problem. A limited space for a limited number of cars has made a visit to Hanging Lake somewhat of a crap shoot.

The problem is the fact that there are only 112 parking spaces in the lot, and the trail sees an average of over 1000 visitors a day. The incredible view of the lake motivates people to tackle the challenging ascent regardless of weather conditions.

According to the Post Independent, possible solutions to the overcrowding problem at Hanging Lake will be explored this year. Changes could be in place for the summer of 2018.

One possible solution is to require reservations to hike, much like one might reserve a campsite at a Colorado campground. The reservation would actually be for a parking space.

Another possibility being discussed is a shuttle service to the site from Glenwood Springs. Shuttling visitors to the Hanging Lake trailhead would be one way to get more people on the trail without cramming more cars into the parking lot.

Information from the public is being gathered to help all of the entities involved in this very complex issue to help determine the proper course of action. Stay tuned for what happens next.

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