He will always be the king of rock and roll, but with 33 movies to his credit, Elvis Presley's presence on the big screen can't be forgotten. It was November 16, 1956 when Elvis made is big screen debut in "Love Me Tender." In the movie, Elvis plays Clint Reno, the  younger brother of a confederate soldier. Clint loves his brother, but he also love's his brother's girl. Surprise, surprise.

The movie was originally titled "The Reno Brothers", but when advance sales of Elvis' single "Love Me Tender" surpasses one million, the title of the film was changed to match.
"Love Me Tender" was the only  Elvis Presley movie in which he didn't receive top-billing. He wasn't a movie star - yet. The movie features  Richard Egan and Debra Paget, and "introducing Elvis Presley." It was the last time that Elvis would need an introduction.

I've never seen "Love Me Tender", but, 52 years later it's probably time to check it out.


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