I don't have much experience with the publication, but the death of Hugh Hefner brought to my mind my first experience with Playboy Magazine as a child.

I must have been 8 or 9 years old -- definitely less than 10. My brother and I went to the corner drug store on Main Street in downtown Akron, Colorado - probably to buy some candy. Why else would a couple of preacher's kids be going to the drug store?

The cash register was located just inside the front door. Walking past the register you came to the last aisle and turned left. This is where the magazines were displayed- all of the magazines.

Keep in mind that at this time there was no cable TV, cell phones, internet, or VCR. We were very curious about things, and our only chance of seeing a naked woman is right there in the magazine rack of the corner drug store.

So, we proceed to the magazine rack, and there in plain sight is Playboy. Aha! Here's our chance! It felt so naughty and so sneaky.

So, we proceeded to grab a magazine and swiftly thumb through to the good part. It wasn't long after arriving at the "good part" we got busted. Around came the corner came the store clerk, surprising us, glaring at us, and stating sternly that little boys should not be looking at those kinds of magazines.

So our little adventure ended quite abruptly, and here's the sad thing. As well as I remember this incident some 45 years ago, I have much clearer recollection of the store clerk's face (which was NOT attractive) than I do of whatever glorious image I saw inside that Playboy Magazine.

So, in a nutshell, that is the sum total of my Playboy experience, and my tiny connection to Hugh Hefner.

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