Stress. It's one thing we all deal with. How we deal with it is equally as important. One natural way to destress, detoxify and relax to a better sleep is to soak in a natural hot spring.

Why? Well, according to Livestrong, doing so helps boost your circulation. There are many minerals found in natural hot springs, including calcium and soda bicarbonate, which helps your circulation and increases the flow of oxygen. Additionally, heating up, then cooling down helps relax you into a nice, deep sleep.

So, now that we know some of the health benefits of soaking in natural hot springs, what do you say we identify a few here in our neck of the woods?

Penny Hot Springs - Carbondale

Located along the Crystal River, Penny Hot Springs is a naturally fed hot spring and is free to use. It is blocked off by rocks, to keep the cold water out and is about 20 feet across and around two feet deep and will hold ten people comfortably. And the views are just incredible.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs - Steamboat Springs

If you love beautiful surroundings, 104-degree mineral water perfect for soaking those aches and pains, and stress away, and a relaxing atmosphere, here's your spot.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs - Glenwood Springs

Located in Glenwood Springs Adventure Park, Iron Mountain offers something for everyone, whether it's a soak in the natural hot springs, a swim in their freshwater family pool or sitting in a jetted spa, this is a great place to relax and unwind as well as enjoy spectacular views.

Conundrum Hot Springs - Snowmass

The Conundrum Hot Springs are not easy to get to but are worth the hike. While the trail is not rigorous, it is long, about eight and a half miles. So if you decide to go, better get an early start. Once you get there, you will find two main soaking pools and four smaller ones, each no less than 100 degrees.

Last but by no means least on this list is Orvis Hot Springs. This clothing optional hot spring offers seven soaking areas of varying temperatures. Temperatures in the pools vary from 98 to 112 degrees. The water is not heated or treated.

Let's go soak!

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