Hot Springs

Ouray Facts
Nestled in the San Juan Mountain range of southwestern Colorado lies the beautiful town of Ouray. People have been coming here for over a century for health, relaxation and more. Let's head to Ouray!
Clothing Optional, Family Friendly
Valley View Hot Springs is one of Colorado's most unique hot springs destinations. It's not for everyone, but lots of people make regular visits to the springs, located in Moffatt County, about 4 hours from Grand Junction, an hour north of Monte Vista in south central Colorado.
Relaxing the hot way
Stress. It's one thing we all deal with. How we deal with it is equally as important. One natural way to destress, detoxify and relax to a better sleep is to soak in a natural hot spring.
Colorado Hot Springs
Winter weather is in the forecast, but despite that, it seems like the weather is getting warmer in Colorado.