Regal Cinemas may start charging you more to see hit movies.

According to Bloomberg, Regal is testing demand-based pricing for movies. That means charging more for hit movies, and having a lower price for less popular films. Of course, the ultimate goal for Regal is putting more butts in seats and increasing revenue.

Attendance at the movies has apparently been drooping, so by charging less, it sounds like they are hoping to get more people going to movies they maybe wouldn't normally be interested in. At the same time, they stand to make more money on the super movies, figuring people are going to go see them no matter what the cost.

Streaming services, no doubt, have hurt box office numbers, but maybe fewer people are going to movies - or are going a lot less because they simply can't afford it. ( please notice my raised right hand) Perhaps you can relate.

Personally, I think I would go to the movies more if they cost less, even if it was not a must-see movie. On the other hand, if they are going to raise the already high ticket price for the best movies, I will be joining the masses which have been noticeably absent from movie theaters across the nation who choose to wait for the DVD and streaming release.

If ticket prices do go up in Grand Junction, we do have some alternatives with the Picture Show and the Avalon Theater, which is great -but, we'll see if this thing actually goes through. Right now it's just being tested and it's possible that demand-based pricing never gets to the Grand Valley.

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