Christmas came and went, just as it always does, and now it seems like a distant memory -though it just happened last week.

Christmas time is a happy time for a lot of people, but not for everybody. There are many reasons why Christmas can bring sad feelings to hearts, along with worry and dread.

Right before the holiday, I asked the question on Facebook, 'What is the one thing you dread most about the week of Christmas?' I got a lot of responses from people, some that were lighthearted, and others that were truly sad.

Having to go back to work the very next day weighs on the minds of some people.

For others, the thing they hate the most about the week is the hustle, the bustle, and the people.

Then there are some responses that just make you feel sad.

Others of us felt the worst part about Christmas week is the dread of the day after - when it's all over for another year. We look forward to it for so long and there are so many wonderful things that happen during the holidays from Christmas music and cookies, to parties, church programs, movies, concerts, and family gatherings. Suddenly, it's over.

Every year we recover from the sadness that comes at the end of the season, and before long we find ourselves anticipating Christmas time once again, and the cycle starts once more.

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