The Redlands Roundabout project continues to progress and Thursday a temporary roundabout will go into use to keep traffic moving along during construction.

While work on this project at the intersection of Broadway and Redlands Parkway is predominantly happening between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm, Thursday morning represents a change in traffic flow. Traffic will be directed with signage, barrels, and flaggers to help motorists adjust to the change.

Motorists are advised to allow an extra five to 10 minutes for their commute Thursday morning.

There seemed to be quite a bit of backlash from a vocal public when it was initially announced the roundabout would be installed. I always hear that people just don't know how to navigate roundabouts. To that, I say 'phooey!'

I have been navigating roundabouts in Grand Junction for a lot of years and most recently, the new roundabouts on Horizon Drive. Honestly, I have not witnessed a single person experiencing any difficulty getting in and out of the roundabouts.

Granted, the Horizon Drive roundabouts are, perhaps, a bit more confusing than most because of the option to exit on and off of the interstate. However, successful navigation of those roundabouts is simply a matter of reading the signs and following the arrows.

It's true that some people are not comfortable with the roundabout concept and enter and exit rather cautiously. I don't see any problem with that. If everyone, regardless of their comfort level, would be a little more cautious in the roundabout, it can only have a positive effect.

If you are uncertain about proper protocol in a roundabout, here is a great document that sheds some light on this "mysterious" traffic perplexity.

I'm not saying the Redlands roundabout is the most brilliant idea to hit Grand Junction, but I also don't believe it to be the disaster that plenty of folks have made it out to be. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, if you are traveling through the Redlands Roundabout construction zone, be careful, be patient, and plan for a little extra time. It will be okay.

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