The Redlands Roundabout Project continues to progress and is running ahead of schedule.

The project was initially projected to be completed in November but the work has gone more quickly than expected. The intersection transformation at Redlands Parkway and Broadway is expected to be completed by mid-October.

Phase 4 involves the installation of curbs and gutters, center island and median work, striping the road, and installing light poles. That means traffic is being reduced to one land through October. While traffic will be moving slowly through the intersection, minimal delays and stops are expected.

Rush hour traffic is definitely the time when you will experience the biggest delays.

For those that aren't clear in their minds about how to successfully and safely navigate a roundabout, the Federal Highway Administration offers tips and guidelines along with a visual aid to help your understanding. Maybe you have friends or family members who struggle with roundabouts. Feel free to share this information with them. It will help make Grand Junction's roundabouts safer and more efficient for everyone.

Just a few more weeks and Grand Junction's newest roundabout will be completed and we will get a true sense of what the traffic flow is going to be like through the Redlands Roundabout.

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