Seems like we have a ton of old photos, but this rare video footage gives us a glimpse of Colorado's past and some of the history of gold mining in the state.

Gold mining is such a huge part of Colorado's history, and the gold mining towns of Colorado and ghost towns are many. This rare video footage shows some of these old mines and towns and chronicles Colorado's gold mining history.

History Colorado says the 16mm film was produced by R.B. (Bud) Hooper and his film production company, Sonochrome Pictures, for the State of Colorado Division of Commerce and Development. It's called "Colorado Ghost Towns: From Dust to Dawn."

Some of the old towns featured include Ouray, Telluride, Aspen and Creed as well as many others. The grainy footage, the warbly music, and the classic narration take you back to days gone by, to the glory days of Colorado. It reminds us of a time way before there was an Interstate 70 or legalized recreational marijuana. It's what some might call the good old days.

It's just always cool to see rare video footage, forever preserved through the wonders of modern technology.

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