Turns out Grand Junction, is pretty punny. There are punny businesses you'll find in Grand Junction.  Like Naughty But Nice II. This store is when you're naughty, but nice too.


  • Naughty But Nice II

    The store name says it all, it's for people who are naughty but nice too. This adult store is off North Avenue near N 8th Street in Grand Junction. Wiener Wednesday has a new meaning at this store.

  • Kum & Go

    This is another store whose name describes it all.  You come there, you get what you need, and then you go. The closest place where you can Kum & Go is in Debeque.

  • Hair We Are

    Hair We Are is a hair salon on Broadway and I just love this name. They also do nails and lashes too. I wonder if when they greet you if they say "Hair we are, how can I help you?"

  • The Garden of Eat'n

    I'm not sure if I can get to the Garden of Eden, so I guess this will do. Garden of Eat'n is off of Grand Avenue and Mulberry Street. Salads or wraps, anyone?

  • Strut Your Mutt

    Strut Your Mutt is a company that will help you train your dog and board them when you can't strut your stuff with your mutt. You've got check out their website to find and join the pack.

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