It may be hard to believe, but another new auto parts store is opening on North Avenue.

Just a month ago we reported that O'Reilly Auto Parts was building a new store next to Auto Zone.  We have now discovered another auto parts store will be joining them less than half a mile away.

Perhaps you have seen the construction going on at 2893 North Avenue across the street from First National Pawn and wondered what was going in that building. Well, wonder no more.

The sign outside the building says Advance Auto Parts is coming soon, and signage has gone up in the building.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Wow! Three auto parts stores less than a mile apart. I guess it's a good thing that most families in Grand Junction have at least two cars because we are all going to be needing lots of auto parts to keep these retailers in business.

All we can say to Advance Auto Parts is good luck, welcome to North Avenue, and welcome to the competition.

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