Due to the extreme lack of snow this season, Powderhorn Resort has announced a severely reduced schedule.

Changing the schedule to run from Thursday through Sunday gives the resort a few extra days to keep the slopes open and the snow-pack in better shape. Three lifts, the Flat Top Flyer, the Easy Rider Lift and Magic Carpet will run from 9-4 Thursday through Sunday, and the West End lift will operate Saturdays and Sundays only.

How bad is it?

The 45 inches of total snow the mountain has received is nine feet below the 2016/17 snow-pack, and 15 feet below the 2015/16 snow-pack. And the base depth of 16 inches currently represents 25% of the usual base.

There is one positive to the lack of snow, however. It is making it much easier for those who are just learning how to ski.

One other side effect of the lack of snow is Powderhorn has offered a complimentary summer pass for those 2017/18 season ticket holders. This includes the new downhill bike park, as well as the lifts and several concerts coming this summer.

The resort has said the will be open on President's Day, February 19th.

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