A harrowing video out of Big Sky, Montana shows how fast the snow can turn on you if you're skiing the backcountry. One skier recently accidentally caused a massive avalanche and the moment it happened was captured on video.

The just-shared video indicates this avalanche happened on February 28. Here's the back story as shared on the video description:

Wiley landing a big cork 7 in the backcountry of the Big Sky, MT area. Milliseconds after he stomps the landing the entire hillside rips to the ground, approx 6ft deep and 250ft wide. The crown of the avalanche propagates all the way down the hill to directly under the filmer's feet. I was saved by the snowpit dug in front of me which released all the pressure of the slide and ended the propagation from continuing behind me and taking me down, backward, into a deep gully

Watch the snow closely after the skier lands his jump. The entire hill of snow completely gives out. NOTE: some very NSFW words are said.

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This has been a tragic year of avalanches in the west. According to CNN, early in February was one of the deadliest weeks on record for avalanche fatalities. 15 people died in avalanches that week alone.

The Teton-Bridger Avalanche Center is a great resource for checking current mountain conditions in our part of America. They also have great resources on making sure you're properly equipped with all the safety gear. As this fortunate skier learned, the snow underneath you can become your enemy in a heartbeat.

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