With the election a week away, you're going to want to make sure you keep an eye on ballot issues.

We are being told we need to raise taxes in order to fund some needed items in Grand Junction, but I disagree. As it stands now our tax is 8.02%. If the measure passes it will go up to 9.16%

Let that sink in a moment. Your dollar will weaken and your buying power as well because you are paying nearly 10 cents on the dollar.

Granted, the money that comes from the increase will go towards things in the community that are necessary such as new fire stations for example. But why raise taxes when there is a revenue stream available right now that other communities have already proven works.

Marijuana sales.

For whatever reason, this city has shunned dispensaries and the tax windfall that comes with it. One industry can swell the coffers to overflowing and no tax increase would be necessary. Take a look at Palisade or Debeque to get a good example of what all that additional money can do.

Roads, fire stations, linking up 29 Road to I-70 all would be possible with the money taken in as a result of just one business.

Something else to consider when giving this thought. With that tax rate, Grand Junction would not only be one of the highest tax rates in Colorado but in the country as well.

The reasons are obvious. More people are moving into the area, which puts additional loads on everything, including transportation. But the biggest impact is on public safety, so more hires would need to be made and equipment updated including three new fire stations. Add in the possibility of a community center and you can see why they are asking for higher taxes.

Answer the unasked question, Grand Junction. Increase taxes that will put us above Denver and Vail, for example, or allow a business that thrives in other places to open here and collect enough taxes to cover all of those things and more?

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