Recently, I asked you to help me figure out what we as "radio people" should call ourselves when someone asks me what we do for a living, and you responded with some very interesting comments.

The original poll gave you these choices: DJs, Voice Jockeys (VJ's), That One Dude (Or Dudette), Other.

And here are your responses.

22% of you chose DJs, while another 22% chose Radio Personalities. Nothing like a tie, eh?

Now, where the beauty of this poll comes in are the "other" choices you gave me, one of which my fellow radio type co-workers enthusiastically endorsed.

So, the response we chose, and what we shall call ourselves from now on is:

Those dudes (or dudettes) on the radio!

So, next time you ask me what I do for a living, I will just tell you;

"I am that dude on the radio!"

That settles that!

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