Like most people, this couple had a trip to Las Vegas they'll always remember.

During a flight back home to Philadelphia from Sin City, Lisa Sadiwnyk came up with a novel way to let her husband, Eric, know they're going to be parents: she got the pilot to break the news.

That sure beats the typical pre-flight announcements, right?

Her husband seems completely unfazed by the news that can shake many men to their core. Is he happy? Sad? Terrified?

He does give his wife a kiss while the adoring passengers cheer and his eyes may even be welling up a bit (although it's hard to tell), but, overall, he is totally calm about the biggest development in his life just being presented to him.

It's definitely an unusual way to break such big news. So unusual, in fact, that some might argue it's tacky to do in a public forum. What do you think? Was it sweet or crass?

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