Here we go again. Enjoy 23 Robert Grant photos, selected completely at random, showcasing Grand Junction and Western Colorado folks simply enjoying their lives.

This gallery includes everything from river surfing, horseback riding, bicycle racing, or families spending time together.

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What Do I Mean by 'Random'?

My office at home is filled with file cabinets full of Robert Grant photos and negatives. Tens of thousands have been digitized, stored, and circulated. Tens of thousands haven't.

The method to my madness is this - I grab a handful of yet-to-be-digitized photos, usually about a hundred prints or so. These have been sitting in drawers and boxes for 30, 40, 50 years or more. They are then sorted by subject matter: wildlife, law enforcement, advertising, recreation, etc.

Every other week or so I publish a post similar to this with photos on a theme. Today, the theme is a simple one - Grand Junction and Western Colorado people just having fun doing what they do.

This is Always Fun

I enjoy putting these posts together, and from here, Western Colorado people enjoy seeing them. Part of the fun (and part of the headache from my end) is discovering the identity of those pictures. Regrettably, my grandpa, Robert Grant, almost never wrote down any information on the prints or on the negative's sleeve. If I'm lucky, really lucky, a negative sleeve will have a year written on it.

If You're From Around Here, You're Bound to See Someone You Know

Look closely at these shots. If you've been around the valley since the 80s or earlier, you'll undoubtedly spot someone you know, if not yourself. It happens every time. Enjoy.

23 Random Shots of People Having Fun in Grand Junction

Enjoy 23 shots, chosen entirely at random, of people having fun in Grand Junction and Western Colorado.

Grand Junction Fashion of the Past - Robert Grant Photos

Here's a fashion flashback to Grand Junction, Colorado, of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Many of these photos appeared in Sunday inserts promoting new fashions from Downtown Grand Junction merchants.

Western Colorado Winters From Years Past - Bob Grant Photos

Here's a short gallery of Robert Grant photos showcasing Grand Junction and Western Colorado winters. They sure are fun. Then again, sometimes the snow and cold temperatures result in trouble.

Random Photos of Grand Junction by Robert Grant

These 16 photos were chosen strictly at random. All photos are by Robert Grant.

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