Rafting in Glenwood Springs is a breathtaking adventure. Between the beauty surrounding the rivers and the exhilarating rapids, it's an experience unlike any other.

Roaring Fork is a calm river surrounded by beautiful scenery, at least the portion that we rafted. This part of the trip consists mostly of "oohing" and "awing"  at the scenery surrounding your raft. There's an eagle's nest in clear view and often times you get the chance to see the eagle in flight.

Roaring Fork intersects with the Colorado River,  If you stick your hand in the water as the two rivers collide, you can feel the temperature difference. Roaring Fork is mountain run off so it is typically much colder than the Colorado River.

Check out my virtual tour of rafting from Glenwood Springs to New Castle. Keep in mind that pictures couldn't be taken during and within the rapids due to paddling and fear of dropping the phone, so they are all during the calm and scenic areas.

I highly recommend rafting here with a guide. The pictures may look calm, but there are areas it's good to have someone get you through the rapids safely and help avoid dangerous spots.

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