Peyton Manning will always have a place in the hearts of Denver Broncos fans. It was so good to see him crushing his comedic skills once again!

I think it'd be easy to say that Peyton Manning got his quarterbacking skills from his father, Archie Manning; I wonder where he got is acting/comedy chops from?

I love seeing Peyton in any commercial. The camera eats that guy up like a defensive line taking down a rookie QB. Seeing his big commercial during/before the big game on Super Bowl Sunday was a real score. Enough of the metaphors. Wait... that's what his 'Peyton Manning Production' of the Super Bowl LIII game open is all about- a metaphor-  featuring the great John Malkovich!

So many great lines!

He hangs up on John Malkovich!

'Omaha, Omaha, Omaha.'

Veal parm!

Peyton! Peyton! Peyton!

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