It's not that it really matters, but Peyton Manning has apparently decided to retire as a Denver Bronco, not an Indianapolis Colt.

Considering he spent the bulk of his career -14 years-- wearing the blue and white of the Colts, it had been widely speculated that Manning would, as many players have done before him, sign the ceremonial one-day contract with the team he wants to retire with.

However, according to a report from CBS Sports, Manning after giving serious considering to the notion of signing the one-day contract with the Colts, has opted not to go that direction.

It's not that it really matters. The fact is, when Peyton is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in five years, he will enter the shrine as a member of the Colts and the Broncos.  It is not uncommon for a hall of fame players to have multiple teams on their resume.

What is significant here is the fact that Manning thought enough of Denver, the Broncos' organization, and the fans in Bronco Country to simply retire as a Bronco and call it good. He has expressed his gratitude on more than one occasion to the Denver Broncos for giving him a chance to get back on the field following the neck surgery that ended his tenure in Indy. At the same time, there is no doubt that Indianapolis holds a special place in Manning's heart.

The Denver Broncos and their fans are grateful to Peyton Manning for helping them win a Super Bowl title, and giving them four of the winningest years in Broncos' history.

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