Denver Broncos' head coach Vic Fangio and former Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning go way back.

It was Manning's second year in the league with Indianapolis when Fangio joined the  Colts' coaching staff. After a miserable 3-13 rookie season, Manning and the Fangio-led Colts' defense rebounded with an incredible 13-3 campaign. However, these two football geniuses would go head to head.

Manning recalls facing Fangio's defense in practice, saying Fangio always wanted to have the upper hand. Manning apparently complained about the defense holding his receivers. Fangio responded by secretly placing a plate of wine and cheese in Peyton's locker. As it turned out, Fangio's defense may have won in practice, but in his career, Manning was clearly the big winner going 15-1 against Fangio-coached teams.

By the way, Manning sounds optimistic about how the Broncos will do under Fangio's leadership.

"We need to get back to playing solid, fundamental football around here.That's what wins games...and I think Vic will bring that to Denver."

Broncos fans are sure hoping Peyton's right because things in Bronco Country just haven't been the same since his retirement after Denver's Super Bowl 50 victory. Maybe someone needs to leave a plate of wine and cheese in Joe Flacco's locker.

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