It is good to see that money does not actually corrupt all people, from the young to the old. Here are two great stories of people that did the right thing when finding money and needing to ask themselves the question: "What Do I Do?'The first story comes from New Paltz, New York. A little city north of the Big Apple off of Interstate 84. Some roommates needed at couch and bought a lumpy, old piece of furniture from a Salvation Army store for $55. If all you can afford is fifty-five dollars, you would appear to have a need for money. So what do you do when you find out that lumpy, old couch is lumpy because it is stuffed with envelopes of cash? $40,800 worth of bills to be exact!

The first thing you do is scream and carry on about your find. Which is what they did, causing the neighbors to think that they had won the lottery or something. With the money they also found a deposit slip with the owner's information. So "What Do I Do?"

The three roommates did the right thing and called the owner the next morning. She told them "I have a lot of money in that couch and I really need it," They drove to the home of the woman, who turned out to be a 91-year old widow. She cried in gratitude when they gave her the cash back. The couch had been given away in error by family members when the woman was in the hospital.

On a smaller scale, a friend of mine shared a story on Facebook about her daughter, who is entering the third grade. They were out to dinner the other night and the young lady found a $20 bill on the floor. Now twenty dollars may not be a lot to some people, but to a person whose age is still in the single digits, it is a good sum of money. So the daughter had to ask herself "What Do I Do?"

I am proud to say that she did the right thing and asked the waitress if anyone was looking for lost money. It turns out that someone had lost the money while getting cash out to pay for their meal. So the money was returned and the young finder was given a small reward.

What she does not realize, I would guess, is the great reward she gave her mother and the many people who are proud of her actions, for they showed her great character. According to the dictionary, character means

1. a distinctive trait;
2. behavior typical of a person or group;
3. moral strength;
4. reputation.

These people showed that they are of impeccable character.
C.S.Lewis was quoted as saying: "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching" These are words we should all remember.