Paul McCartney recently named his all-time top three drummers — and he showed some love for his former Beatles bandmate.

"I'd go Ringo [Starr] top — he's something else," he told SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show. "Second, I'd go Bonzo [Led Zeppelin's John Bonham]. And third, [the Who's] Keith Moon. That's mine. I'm going from that generation. Those are pretty good drummers, those boys."

You can watch the clip below.

Host Stern opened that conversation by recalling a recent on-air chat about the greatest rock drummers. That unspecified roundtable included his own pick for Bonham and someone else's selection of Rush's Neil Peart.

Elsewhere in the Stern interview, McCartney reflected on John Lennon's insecurities and the formation of their first band, the Quarrymen.

The songwriter has been making the promotional rounds in December, supporting his upcoming album McCartney III. He self-produced and played all the instrumentation on the LP, which follows 2018's Egypt Station. In a recent podcast appearance, McCartney said Elvis Presley was the second-coolest person he’d ever met (trailing only his wife) and noted how the singer inspired the Beatles’ 1967 classic, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

On Wednesday, McCartney teased an upcoming six-part documentary series also featuring himself and producer Rick Rubin. A black-and-white trailer for the project shows the duo behind a recording console, noting passages from both Beatles and solo McCartney tunes, including "Paperback Writer," "Come Together," "Michelle," "Lovely Rita" and "Live and Let Die." McCartney also chats about how a bass guitar can be used to "control a band."



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