Isaac Nieder is a seventh-grader from Denver who wants to make sure all kids have toys this Christmas. The seventh-grader is collecting toys for kids in need.

Isaac Nieder is truly in the giving spirit this holiday season. He's in the seventh grade at Denver's Jewish Day School, according to KDVR, and is collecting donations. Isaac is currently collecting money and toys for kids in need.

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According to KDVR, he is collecting toys for the Bright Holidays Program. According to their website, the Bright Holiday Program is all about helping provide holiday gifts for families in need. The website also states 'the people we serve face many challenges and your thoughtful and generous gifts truly brighten their holidays.'

Isaac has collected about $7,000 worth of toys, according to KDVR, which is absolutely amazing. $7,000 will help buy a lot of toys for kids in need. Isaac's parents say he contact lots and lots of stores/companies asking for donations. According to KDVR, Mattel offered a discount so Isaac could buy even more toys.

It's amazing to see this little kid who's only in the seventh grade step up to help out his community. Issac knows that a lot of parents have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic and may not be able to buy toys for their kids, so he's doing what he can to help out.

The holidays are so special for kids and this seventh-grader is making sure that the holidays stay special. Way to go, Isaac, you're an awesome kid.

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