Denver Mayor Michael Hancock held a press conference today (Thursday, December 17th), and naturally, one of the topics that was brought up was his Thanksgiving travel. Hancock was called a hypocrite by many after encouraging Coloradans not to travel for the holidays but did not take his own advice and visited family out of state for Thanksgiving.

However, during today's press conference, a visibly annoyed Mayor Hancock assured the press that he would not be traveling for Christmas this year.

He admitted his hypocrisy early into the conference, stating the following:

I know that some of you will want to talk about Thanksgiving travel. Let me say a couple of things about that now, so I can help you go on to more important subjects. We all have the potential to disappoint, and elected officials are no different. We tend to have multiple disappointments, we make not very good decisions, our judgment can desert us. But there's nothing new to report here.

Following this statement, Hancock went on to talk about the many accomplishments made by Coloradans in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, including the distribution of masks and how Denver was the first city in the state to issue a stay-at-home order.

However, shortly thereafter a reporter from Denver's 9News asked about the mayor's planned vacation from tomorrow through January 4th, pressing Hancock as to whether or not he would be traveling and/or participating in large gatherings. The mayor's response was simply, "No and no."

Hancock went on to discourage large gatherings for Christmas and New Year's Eve before he ended the conference.

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