If people were meant to fly, they'd be given wings. Or they'd come to Colorado and take flight over the mountains on a paraglider.

This looks like so much fun.

Running off the side of a mountain isn't something we'd suggest on a daily basis. In this case, we highly suggest it. You know you've watched a bird soaring through the sky and thought, "I wonder what it'd be like to see the world from their point of view."

YouTuber, TheManFromMountains, shared this compilation of paragliding videos from a trip to Aspen and Vail. Not only does it look peaceful, the views are spectacular.

Even if you don't have a paraglider of your own, you can check out Aspen from above for about $300 per flight. Might seem a bit expensive, but the views and experience are priceless.

Aspen isn't your only choice, there are a few other places around the state that offer paragliding as well.

Would you run off a mountain with nothing more than a "parachute" and ropes keeping you afloat?

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