It's the spooky season and the Western Slope is 100% celebrating. These are two Aspen tours that are perfect for Halloween.

Tour guide Dean Weiler started following his curiosity when he moved to Aspen in 1999 and started researching some of Aspen's darker stories. He realized it's been fun to share the stories and so he started giving tours in 2007.

Here are two Aspen tours that are perfect for Halloween:

1 hour

Dean the tour guide says this tour is a walk through the downtown core of Aspen. It tells the dark history of Aspen including tragedy, murder, and massacre. Aspen, for the most part, is this idealistic mountain town, but there are a lot of things that are hidden under that.

The Darkside Ghost Tour is a cool way to see Aspen in a different light. Expect lots of entertainment and a tour guide with a top hat.  The next tour available tour is Friday vat 8 pm and Tuesday at 8 pm.

1 hour

According to Dean, the Cemetery Tour takes you through Aspen's first burial ground, which started in 1881. The cemetery is Ute Cemetery derives its name from the original name for the area. This tour is about unraveling the history of Aspen's working class.

You can expect stories about a skier and miners buried there and the tragedy of a young woman's death. The dead walk amongst the living on Halloween, which is why this is the perfect setting for this kind of tour. Your tour guide Dean, will, of course, be in costume. Dean says he often portrays someone whos buried in the cemetery. The next available tour is Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

The recommended age for these tours is 10 and above.

Dean also does other tours about the history of Aspen and customized tours for groups too. He says when it comes down to it, all tours are about the heart of downtown Aspen and capitalizing on how pedestrian-friendly the area is and educating people about Aspen's history.

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