A trail cam west of Paonia captured a mountain lion apparently stalking an unsuspecting deer.

In the opening seconds of the video, you can see the deer cross the path and jump the fence. About 20 seconds later a mountain lion crosses the path and jumps the fence in the same spot as the deer.

Now, for those who don't enjoy watching wildlife being killed and torn to shreds, the good news is you aren't going to see that. How this story ends is left completely to the imagination.

I imagine the mountain lion caught up to the deer a short time later. The two probably laid down in a grassy meadow,  under the shade of a large oak tree, and watched butterflies. Later, they likely meandered slowly and aimlessly along the river together checking out wildflowers.

Of course, we'll never know for sure how the story ends, and maybe it's best that way. But, we can at least appreciate the opportunity to see some wildlife in their natural habitat doing what they do.

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