Palisade is named for the cliffs just north of town, which are actually one of the two definitions of the word 'palisade,' the other being a row of stakes in the ground. The area was originally inhabited by Ute Native Americans, with white settlers moving in in the late 1800s. It was at this time that settlers begin planting orchards, eventually leading to the town being named "The Peach Capital of Colorado."

When Did Palisade Become a Town?

The town of Palisade became incorporated on April 4th, 1904, which means it will be celebrating its 116th birthday this year.

So, how does Palisade celebrate its birthday? Well, short answer, they don't. According to, there won't be any major events on April 4th this year, perhaps due to the fact that the fruit Palisade is known for isn't ripe yet. However, Palisade has no shortage of events throughout the spring and summer, including The Honeybee Festival April 18th, The Palisade Bluegrass Festival June 12th through 14th, and of course the Palisade Peach Festival August 14th and 15th.

Now I kind of feel bad for poor Palisade, I mean, everyone likes to celebrate their birthday, right? Perhaps the town should throw a party every year on April 4th with cake and peach-flavored ice cream. Just a thought.

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