One of Colorado's state symbols is grass. This seems like a perfect fit for Colorado. This is how grass became Colorado's state symbol.

This type of grass became Colorado's official state grass in 1987. It's not just any time of grass, it's blue grass. Blue grama grass is pretty extraordinary. No, it doesn't have any psychoactive effects, it's a prairie grass, not the other kind of grass. Also not the type of music either.

Colorado actually made this the state grass to 'inform and educate citizens and tourist about the importance of our grasslands.' The prairie is an endangered ecosystem so the blue grass is especially important.

Blue grama grass helps keep things together. The roots hold down the soil, preventing it from blowing away. Their roots can be up to nearly seven feet deep. You could say the grass is a glue for Colorado and many other states.

You've got to be nice to the grass because if it gets disturbed, it's hard to get back. Much like a good partner. The blue grama grass can take up to 50 years to grow back if disturbed. Grass is a plant after all, a living thing that must be tended to.

Next time I see some blue grama grass around Colorado, I'll be sure to use extra caution around this special state symbol.

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