There are plenty of good reasons why we love living in western Colorado. Right now, this is number one on the list.

On the calendar, winter arrives on the same day for the entire state of Colorado. However, exactly how and when it manifests itself is quite different from one side of the state to the other.

While Grand Valley residents were enjoying a cool, but beautiful day on the western slope, the scene was very different on the front range.

With traffic moving at a snail's pace on ice-covered roads, this commuter captured a large bus on video sliding sideways off Interstate 25. It wasn't a horrific, high-speed accident. Nobody was injured, and no one had to be extricated from a vehicle. But, just watching this slow-moving traffic and the sliding bus is enough to make a person extra thankful to be living on the west end of Colorado.

While Denver residents were slogging to work on icy roads in the cold, Grand Junction residents were getting ready to go play golf, go for a bike ride or walk in the park - and in some cases still running the air conditioner.

Sure, our time is coming to experiencing cold, a little snow, and some icy roads, but not in the middle of October.

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