There are some pretty odd things people from the Grand Valley were afraid of as kids.

Fear is part of life for all of us, regardless of our age. But, as children, we are more susceptible to fears in large part because of our youthful ignorance and lack of experience. In time, these fears generally fade away, but, yet, the memory of them lingers. In some cases, so does the fear.

We recently asked listeners to recall one of their odd childhood fears and share it with us - and they did.

1) My Parents - I used to call them the hit man.
2) The Shadows - I just knew there was a man standing in the corner watching me sleep
3) Abstract Art - hanging in the hallway outside my bedroom.
4) Nutcrackers - The wooden soldier kind with the scary mouths. You could stick me in a dark basement filled with snakes and spiders, as long as no Nutcrackers are there I'm good!
5) The step a spider was squished on. Avoided that step for 15 years.
6) My parents going to heaven without me - and me being left behind.
7) Toilets - In everyone's houses. There was something about them.
8) The mirror in my room.
9) Closets
10) Chickens
11) Monkey made out of stockings
12) The Planters Peanut Man - Back in the '40's a man in a big peanut suit would walk up and down the main street of Woonsocket, Rhode Island and my mother and I would walk down the street as she was shopping and she'd have to cross the street to avoid him because I would freak out.
13) Public toilets- Some of them sound like they could suck down a comforter.
14) Geese -I had one chase me to the car when about 3 or 4.
15) Birds - Still am

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