Seriously? A couple of kids, wanting to raise money for someone less fortunate, were told to get a permit or close down.

In an age where children are called greedy, non-caring and entitled, two kids do something for someone else and get shut down. Why?

Permits are required by vendors to make sure they are selling safe food and drink, so I understand the need for a permit from companies. But little kids?

The problem came when someone called in a complaint that kids were selling lemonade on the street without a permit. At the same time, next door to where the children set up shop was the Denver Art Festival. And within that art festival was a lemonade vendor, who, most likely, had the required permit.

Since no one was named as the caller, one can only speculate, but the kids were still able to raise almost $200 before they were shut down. The cost of a one day permit in Denver is $125.

This is the age we live in, I guess. Entrepreneurial efforts like the one shown from those two young boys should be celebrated.  They should be cheered for wanting to do something for someone else.

Instead, they get shut down. This angers me. I hope those two set up somewhere else and continue to sell a lot of lemonade. I hope they raise enough funds for the kid they were trying to help.

For whoever called to run those boys off I feel sorry for you.

Source: CBS4 Denver

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