Experts say a North Korean nuclear missile could reach Denver - and perhaps the entire U.S.

While the United States and North Korea exchange threats and insults, the fact remains North Korea could do serious damage to the U.S. in some fashion, but exactly how much seems to be up for debate.

Living in the midwest tends to offer a sense of safety and security from outside threats and forces, but a former member of the Electromagnetic Pulse Commission right, Coloradoans should be feeling a little less comfortable.

In a statement to a congressional committee on Homeland Security, Dr. William R. Graham and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry said North Korean missiles could "strike Denver and Chicago and perhaps the entire United States."

While most people would be most concerned by a nuclear attack, the fact is, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack could be devastating. The report says a warhead detonated at just 30 kilometers above the United States could blackout the Eastern Electric Power Grid that produces 75% of the country's electricity, leading to "death within a year of up to 90 percent of all Americans."

Imagine for a minute being without electricity, hot water, television, internet, cell phone, gasoline, or radio for an extended period of time. Chaos, panic, and fear would become a way of life.

Of course, threats from North Korea are nothing new, but this report was delivered to Congress just a few days ago on October 12. Obviously, there are experts in the field who believe the threat is credible and real.

So, what are we going to do?

Well, for one thing, we shouldn't live our lives in fear. Worry won't help, stop, or diminish any possible threat. I would just hope that our military leaders take the threats seriously and do whatever is possible to avert disaster.

We should live life to the fullest, love to the greatest extent, stay true to our beliefs and values, and live life without regrets. Let's cherish the moments we have with those we love, be kind to strangers, love our neighbors, and make our own little world a happier and better place.

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