Night skiing is about to make a return to the slopes of Powderhorn for the third year.

It's not something you can do just any day,so there is a special appeal when it comes to skiing under the lights.

February 26 and 27 are the dates for this year's Night Skiing at Powderhorn from 4PM-9PM both days.

The ticket price for five hours of night skiing is $56 for ages 13 and older, and $35 for kids 12 and under. A special all-day ticket , the Noon-Moon, can be purchased for varying prices, depending on your age.

People that have an all-day ticket can add the night skiing time slot for an additional $20.

In addition to the fun of skiing under the lights, skiers will have a chance to win a pair of Liberty Blue Moon skis, or a Sage Kotsenburg Pro Model APO snowboard!

With just a few weeks left in the season, this is a great opportunity to spend some extra time on the mountain.

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