Week four of my new year's diet seems like a good time to remind you that being on a diet isn't  just about the food.

Some people begin a diet with the illusion that all they have to do is cut back on their eating, or change this or that about their eating habits, and they can lose weight. And the fact is, maybe they can lose a few pounds doing that. But, if it's substantial weight loss you are after, it's going to take more than that.

Okay, so I hear all those groans."Oh, no! He's going to use the dreaded "E" word."

Yes, friends, exercise. The very thought of it sends shivers down the spines of countless couch potatoes, who's idea of a work out is making two trips to the refrigerator and one visit to the restroom during the same commercial break.

Look, I'm no fitness guru. But, I can tell you, regardless of what kind of diet you are on, it's going to be most effective if you combine it with some form of physical activity. You will reach your weight loss goals a whole lot faster. There are lots of options when looking for ways to add some "exercise" in your daily routine.


  • 1

    Gym Membership

    Obviously, if you have a gym membership you are ahead of the curve because everything is there for whatever kind of workout you desire. But, the fact is,  you don't have to work out at a gym in order to lose weight.

  • 2

    Work-Out DVD's

    There are work-out DVD's  you can purchase, which enable you to work out in the privacy of your home. You just have to find the one that suits you, and is most compatible with your physical condition and weight loss goals.

  • 3

    Make Up Your Own

    Make up your own work out routine. With a little on-line research you can put together your own 30-minute custom-made workout by combining a variety of exercises -- without the need for expensive equipment.

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    Find a time and a place to walk. Walking isn't necessarily fun ,although, a lot of people seem to enjoy it a lot. The key is to find a good place to walk - hopefully one that is conveniently located close to your house or work place. As a last resort, you can always just walk around the blocks in your neighborhood. Check out some of Grand Junction's parks and the Colorado Riverfront Trail.

  • 5

    Cycling and Swimming

    This might be a good time to invest in a high-quality bicycle and do some regular cycling. Swimming is also a great low-impact exercise.

  • 6

    Home Exercise Equipment

    It's possible you have exercise equipment at home that is just sitting collecting dust. Wipe off the dust and hop aboard your treadmill, elliptical, Nautilus, or what ever apparatus you may have. Watching TV or listening to good music is a great way to pass the time and help you beat the challenges of boredom that can accompany exercise.

  • 7

    Find the Time

    Finding the time to be active can be a challenge, so you might have to be creative - and determined. Maybe it means getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Maybe it means doing something as soon as you get home, rather than sitting down in the recliner for 30 minutes before starting dinner. It might work best for you to break things up a bit. Take 15 minutes of your lunch hour to go walk a mile - something that is very feasible considering the mild winter we are having in Western Colorado. Then try and do something in the evening as well.

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