I have been a huge MInnesota Vikings fan for close to 40 years. If I lived in Minnesota I would absolutely want season tickets. I think I could somehow find the money to buy season tickets. Unfortunately, I don't think I could afford the rights to buy season tickets. Here's  why.

A new stadium is being built in Minneapolis  that will seat 65,000 fans.  Yahoo.com reports from the Associated Press, the average cost - just for the right to buy season tickets - is $2500. The license fees actually range from $500-$10,000.That is not for the tickets, it's  simply a license that gives you the right  to buy tickets.

Once you have the license - and they give you up to three years to pay for it - the rights are  yours forever. Every year, you are going to be able to buy season tickets. At some point, when you give up hope that your team is ever going to become a serious contender, and you get totally fed up with them,  you then can sell your rights to another fan for whatever you can get for it. You may even be able to turn a profit.

Seat licenses are nothing new. We have seen them become a part of new stadium construction since the mid 1990s. They help fund construction of the stadium, which always seem to be a bit of a sticky situation. But, it certainly makes it increasingly difficult for the average fan to attend a pro football game.

Obviously, since I don't live in Minnesota - and quite frankly I am quite happy that I don't - I don't have to worry about trying to come up with all of this money. I will be content to fork out two dollars and some cents each month to watch a few Vikings plays on NFL Redzone on TV, and an occasional national game.

There are many benefits to this alternative. It's warm, it's cheap, parking is free, and there is nobody spilling beer all over me.